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The Villages of Iraq, Kamity, and Karte-e-Sulh

potato fields

Markets of Bamyan



DSC_0059 copy

Buddhas of Bamyan


View from Above


Streets of Kabul

Baby on bike


Women walking near the site of the desecrated Buddha statues in Bamyan.






4 Responses to Photos/Illustrations

  1. Mohammad Asif Alizada says:

    The best ones ever, actually these pictures remind of past days. Yes Bamyan is the paradise on earth. Hope I could visit again.
    Afreen do you remember the gift which you received from KAMATI people??? It was amazing!

  2. Mir Ali says:

    Afreen and Kathryn,
    I just read the article Afreen’s dad sent me. You two are not only brave but also good writers. Your analysis of the situation in Afghanistan is excellent. Your dad’s email directed me to your blog. What a interesting experience you describe barring a few times when your patience was tested. After all that trouble I hope the plates made it home. The pictures tell a story of where this country has been. I hope it ends well for the people of Afghanistan. I have fond memories of a visit to Afghanistan when I was in high school, seems like not much has changed. I wonder if Afghans are as hospitable now as they were then. I am glad you two are home. Good job.

  3. Nausheen says:

    The pictures of the mountains of Bamyan are breathtaking! What a beautiful country.

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