We pushed against the peddles of a pink, swan-shaped paddleboat, adrift in startlingly blue snowmelt. As we neared the edges of the lake, to rest in its shadows, I reached out to touch the rough rocks.  In the seamless quiet of Band-e-Amir, I wondered if any place in the world could feel more removed from war.

Click on the image below for a slideshow of Band-e-Amir:

DSC_0059 copy


About Afreen

I'm a Masters student at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. I'm spending the summer in Afghanistan working for a women's rights organization, and documenting their initiatives in central Afghanistan.
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1 Response to Band-e-Amir

  1. Jasteena says:

    Hi Afreen, Sorry I was not able to meet you it got too busy. I told you about the pink swan boats.. how totally out of place, but perfect eh? Jasteena

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